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Flat Roofing Systems On Commercial Buildings

Flat Roofing Systems On Commercial Buildings

Most commercial, industrial, and municipal buildings have flat roofing systems on them. The biggest reason is that flat roofs are economical, durable, and impact resistant. They are also faster and easier to repair than pitched roofs.

In many flat roof systems, versatile materials are combined to make roofs waterproof, energy-efficient, and redundant. The term redundant here refers to the fact that if one layer is damaged, the other layers will still protect the building.


Layers are used in commercial roofing denver to alternate protective elements in the materials. A waterproof membrane, for example, may be followed by a layer of asphalt mixed with bitumen for strength, followed by a coating that keeps in heat. The whole cycle may be repeated, or just placed on the roof in those three layers. The number of layers can be determined based on the needs of the building.

Different Needs

A school building will not require the same level of strength from the commercial roofing denver as an industrial plant that generates massive heat and vibrations for three shifts a day. A factory that has employees assembling electronics will need a roof that repels the sun. A low office building in the middle of the city will have the shade from the taller buildings to block the sun so no such coating has to be added. ow items are packed

New Methods

Experienced the roofing company can recommend the ideal roof for the uses of the building. Some methods of applying flat roofs have improved over the years to be faster and cheaper. One example is a modified bitumen roofing system. Instead of adding each layer separately, materials are layer together at the factory. This reduces labor time and costs.

Newer coatings are also offered. There are several that can block the ultraviolet rays of the sun from entering the building. That reduces cooling costs and protects machinery from excess moisture created by humidity. Consult the company before deciding on a system.

Unique Flat Roofs

Vegetation can be used as cover for a flat roof. It naturally insulates the building in cold weather, helps absorb excess rain, and can also reduce pollution levels in the air. Penthouse restaurants will often incorporate an herb or vegetable garden onto the flat roof. It looks stunning, provides a source of fresh ingredients, and adds to the appeal of the business.

Explore alternative options to common flat roofs to make the building more efficient and functional. Compare costs, materials, and durability to determine which type of roof makes sense for the building.