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Saints Super Bowl Win Resurrects New Orleans

Saints Super Bowl Win Resurrects New Orleans

The New Orleans Saints Super Bowl victory is one that represents much more than football. The pressure of bouncing back from Hurricane Katrina was vicariously embodied in the Saints. To some, their success would represent the fight and resurgence of an entire city that hoped to pick themselves up from the shambles of Katrina's wreckage. Now, almost five years after the hurricane, the Saints are the greatest team in the world, and people are optimistic that they can prosper on many other levels.
The city that was left with broken hearts in August 2005 turned to their football team for an opportunity of revival. Nearly six months after the largest natural disaster in US history, quarterback Drew Brees was acquired by the Saints with hopes of saving a team that had only one playoff victory in franchise history. The situation was much deeper than that because New Orleans itself needed a captain to represent their comeback.
After the hurricane, more than half of New Orleans' residents were displaced and forced to leave their city. This was no longer a place of interest for people to live, let alone visit, but the arrival and positive attitude of Brees represented an opportunity for a new start. Football has parallel to life when it comes to overcoming obstacles, especially in New Orleans. While the football team was improving, they provided inspiration to the city. The economic problem in New Orleans was a huge hurdle that could not be overcome over night.
Since the hurricane both the city and team have fought hard to prove their worth. There has been revitalization and building taking place on the team roster and W88 the city streets. The dramatic upturn in the French Quarter, Bourbon Street and river boat casinos are great example of the city's rebirth. The numbers of visitors and are up in all of the previously mentioned destinations. People are once again sinking money into the city. There are many reasons to think positive in New Orleans and the Saints are leading the march of a city gaining its pride back.